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John S Gibson Jr Park may be the most traveled by but least appreciated park in the South Bay...

I am Yelping in hopes some will visit, but most of all, as we whisk by it on the way to and from Ports 'O Call Village, back and forth to work, or on our daily jog, I am hoping a moment can be taken to reflect on a the concepts, dreams, aspirations, morals, values, traditions, and culture this small but very significant sliver of green embraces...

This narrow strip of land affectionately nicknamed a "pocket park" is the humble home of several markers and monuments to San Pedro, heroism, vision, and dedication.  Although thousands of people drive by the John S. Gibson Jr Park coming in and out and going to and from, I'll bet 99% would have no idea its name, and 99.9% could not tell you what it commemorates. 

This park memorializes four very important landmarks to our city and America.  Although this park could easily fit if set inside the parameters of a football field, you could spend chapters discussing it relevance to American culture and humanity in general.  The spiritual ramifications transcend explanation and would vary with every earnest visitor.  It is made up of four commemorative landmarks, the…

Fishing Industry Memorial


Harry Bridges Memorial ILWU


USS Los Angeles Naval Memorial


American Merchant Marine Memorial (

All are remarkably situated in a few hundred feet.

The Park itself commemorates a man, John S. GIbson Jr., who had a lifelong career and a businessman and Politician.  Gibson was described as a conservative Democrat and those in favor of free enterprise were very much in favor of John Gibson.  He had the third longest term as a city official at 30 years, and he was actually elevated mayor of the small town in Kansas from which he came at 21, the youngest to serve as Mayor at that time. 


From North to South Harbor you have the .10 mile long park beginning of the corner of 6th and Harbor with a really nice Wall naming the many soldiers who bravely gave their lives aboard the many Merchant Marine ships between World War II and Korea.  The statue of on sailor reaching down to help another while dangling from a "Jacobs ladder is dramatic, moving, and metaphorical. 


See Photos at:


Next you have a mast as well as two anchors from the USS Los Angeles.  Just before the end of World War II, Southern California had a bond drive to "build a battleship and it consequentially became the USS Los Angeles.  After active duty in Korean and serving since, it was finally decommissioned and salvaged, San Pedro grabbing some hardware to memorialize a community coming together for their country.


Mid park, there is a bust of Harry Bridges, a immigrant who nurtured and promoted fair and safe work environments for all workers and brought about significant social change.


At the South end of the John S. Gibson Jr Park is a memorial to the commercial fishing industry" named appropriately "The Fishing Industry Memorial."  The mosaics and the very moving statute of a man casting a fish, are testimonials to the vigor, courage, sacrifice, and vision of the men and women who harvest the seas surrounding San Pedro.  You can even see Charlie Tuna there.


Although the city calls the John S. Gibson Jr Park a Pocket Park...I'd like to see the pocket you would place it in...Better be a big one!


More information on all the exhibits found at the John S. Gibson Jr Park can be found at the Maritime Museum right behind the Park.  Watch for the "Red Car" when you cross!

Get Directions To:
550 South Harbor
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