Chang Moo Kwan: The Source

Korean Terms and Names For Words Commonly Used In this Site


By Master David Johns & Translator Sofia "Eun Ju" Johns

The purpose of this section is a to create a "dynamic" glossary as we expand our site.  The authors are keenly aware that there are many "interpretations" of many of the terms translated between Korean to English and English to Korean.  We welcome any corrections and/or submissions.

Chang Moo Kwan Events

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Chang Moo Kwan Events

San Pedro In Photos


Terms for the Ranks


Supreme Grandmaster                 Sa Jo Nim

Grandmaster                                  Kwan Jang Nim

Master                                             Sa Bum Nim

Head Instructor                             Dae Pyo Kyo Sa Nim

Instructor                                        Kyo Sa Nim

Practicing Teacher                        Cho Kyo Nim

Terms For Natural Weapons

Hand                                                               Sohn

Fore Fist                                                         Chu-Mok

Back Fist                                                        Doong Chu Mok

Hammer Fist                                                  Me Chu Mok

Forefinger One Knuckle Fist                      In Ji Chu Mok

Middle Finger One Knuckle Fist               Bam Chu Mok

Two Knuckle Fist                                         Doo Bam Chu Mok

Four Knuckle Fist                                        Pyun Chu Mok

Thumb Knuckle Fist                                    Om Ji Chu Mok

Spear Hand                                                    Pyun Sohn Koot

Two Finger Spear Hand                               Ka Wi Sohn Koot

One Finger Spear Hand                               In Ji Sohn Koot

Tiger Mouth                                                  A Kum Sohn

Chicken Beak                                               Sohn Koot Jo Ki

Knife Hand                                                    Sohn Nal

Ridge Hand                                                   Sohn Nal Dong

Palm Heel                                                      Ba Tang Sohn

Bear Hand                                                     Gom Sohn

Back Hand                                                     Sohn Doong

Ripping Hand (Tiger Claw)                        Gal Kwi Sohn

Pincer Hand (Thumb And Forefinger       Jip Ke Sohn

Ox Jaw (Back Of Wrist)                              Sohn Mok

Forearm                                                         Pal Mok

Back Forearm                                               Doong Pal Mok

Front Forearm                                               Mit Pal Mok

Inner Edge Forearm                                     An Pal Mok

Outer Edge Forearm                                     Bakat Pal Mok

Elbows                                                           Pal Kup

Feet                                                                 Bal

Ball Of Foot                                                  Ap Chook

Heel                                                                Dwi Chook

Knife Foot                                                     Bal Nal

Instep                                                             Bal Doong

Arch                                                               Bal Bong O Ri

Knees                                                             Moo Roop

Head                                                               Moh Ri



Ready                                                             Joom Bi

Horse Stance                                                 Ju Choom So Ki Ji Lu Ki

Attention Stances                                         Pyun Hi So Ki

     Normal Stance (Attention)                    Choon Bi So Ki

     Open Stance  (Attention)                       Pal Ja So Ki

     Pigeon-Toe Stance (Attention)             An Jong So Ki


Informal Stances                                          Mo A So Ki

V Stance                                                        Cha Riot So Ki

Horse Back Stance                                       Ju Choom So Ki

Diagonal Horse Back Stance                      Ap Ju Choom

Front Stance                                                  Ap Ku Bi

High Front Stance                                        Ap So Ki

Back Stance                                                  Duit Ku Bi

Cat Stance                                                     Bom So Ki

Cross Stance                                                 Ko A So Ki

Crane Stance                                                 Hak Da Ri So Ki




Low Block                                                     A Le Mak Ki

Middle Block                                                Mom Tong Mak Ki

High Block                                                    Ol Gool Mak Ki

Knife Hand Block                                        Sohn Nal Mak Ki



Regular Punch                                              Pa Lo Ji Lu Ki

Reverse Punch                                              Ban De Ji Lu Ki

High Punch                                                    Ol Gool Ji Lu Ki

Chin Punch                                                    Tok Ji Lu Ki

Neck Punch                                                   Mok Ji Lu Ki

Middle Punch                                               Mom Tong Ji Lu Ki

Low Punch                                                    A Le Ji Lu Ki

Downward Punch                                         Ne Rio Ji Lu Ki

Side Punch                                                    Yop Ji Lu Ki

Stepping Punch (Forward Stance)             Ba Ro Ji Lu Ki

Vertical Fist Punch                                      Got jang Ji Lu Ki

Round Punch                                                Do rio ji lu ki

Hook punch                                                  koon dol jo ki

Upper cut punch                                           Chi ji lu  or Chi Chi ki

Back Fist Strike                                            Doong chu mok chi ki

Hammer fist Strike                                       Me chu mok chi ki

Thumb Knuckle Fist Punch                        Om ji chu mok ji lu ki

Forefinger One Knuckle Fist Punch          In Ji Chu mok ji lu ki

Middle Finger One Knuckle Fist Punch   Bam Chu Mok ji lu ki

Two Knuckle Fist Punch                             Doo Bam Chu Mok Ji Lu Ki

Four Knuckle Fist Punch                            Pyun chu Mok Ji Lu Ki

Double Fist Punches (General)                  Doo Chu Mok Ji Lu Ki

Double Fist Straight Punch                         Doo Chu Mok Ba Ro Ji Lu Ki

C Punch                                                         Di Koot Ja Ji Lu Ki

Double Upper Cut Punch                            So Sum Ji Lu Ki (or) So Sum Chi Ki

Double Hammer Fist Strike                        Ho Li Chi Ki

Spear Hand Thrusts (General)                   Pyun Sohn Koot Jji Lu Ki

Vertical Spear Hand Thrust                        Pyun Sohn Joot Se Wo Jji Lu Ki

Horizontal Spear Hand Thrust                   Pyun sohn Koot Je Cho Jji Lu Ki

Two Finger Spear Hand Thrust                  Ka Wi Sohn Koot Jji Lu Ki

One Finger Spear Hand Thrust                   In Ji Sohn Koot Jji Lu Ki








Front Kick                                                     Ap Cha Ki

Round House Kick                                       Do Rio Cha Ki

Side Kick                                                       Yop Cha Ki



Studio Terminology

High (Upper) Part                                         Ol Gool

Middle Part                                                   Mom Tong

Low Part                                                        A Le


Punch                                                             Ji Lu Ki

Thrust                                                             Jji Lu Ki

Strike                                                              Chi Ki

Block                                                              Mak Ki

Kick                                                                Cha Ki


Bow                                                                Kyong Ni

Attention                                                         Cha Riot

At Ease                                                           Shi Yo

Ready                                                             Choon Bi

Start                                                                Shi Jak

Stop                                                                Koo Man

Separate                                                         Kal Lyo

Continue                                                        Kye Sok


One Step Sparring                                        Han Bon Kyo Lu Ki

Three Step Sparring                                     Se Bon Kyo Lu Ki

Arranged Free Sparring                               Ma Chu O Kyo Lu Ki

Free Sparring                                                Kyo Lu Ki

Form                                                               Poom Se


1                                                                      Hana

2                                                                      Dool

3                                                                      Set

4                                                                      Net

5                                                                      Da Sot

6                                                                      Ya Sot

7                                                                      Il Hop

8                                                                      Yo Dol

9                                                                      A Hop

10                                                                    Yol