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February 02 2011

Chang Moo Kwan

Cosmo Magaliozzi Receives His 3rd Degree Black Belt

San Pedro, California, Main Studio




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Chang Moo Kwan Events

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Cosmo Magaliozzi Receives His 3 Degree
Cosmo Magaliozzi was an assistant instructor at our San Pedro YMCA before he and his wife Rebecca moved to Mesa, Arizona.  Once settled in, Cosmo opened a Chang Moo Kwan school in the Mesa YMCA.  It has grown consistently since.  When Rebecca and Cosmo were married, instructors Master David Johns and Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman presented them with embroidered 2 degree black belts with "Cosmo and Rebecca forever" written in gold on the belt.  The two instructors actually tied it around the two symbolically during the services.  Both sons are involved, and the Magiliozzi's are a Chang Moo Kwan family.
Cosmo Gets His 3rd Degree

Cosmo proudly receives his 3rd Degree Black Belt as it is wrapped around him by his two senior instructors Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman and Master David Johns.  Cosmo Magaliozzi trained directly with Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee during the evening regular class.  (See "A Spark Ignites")  
Cosmos Belt Is Cinched In

Cosmo looks at the process with the heart of someone who has truly deserved his ranking.  Cosmo, as Master David Johns, share the common pride of have worked together for this higher ranking belt level.  Master David Johns had a huge impact on Cosmos success. 
Three Proud Martial Artists
Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman, Mr. Cosmo Magaliozzi, and Master David Johns stand proud of their mutual Journey.

Congratulations To Mr. Cosmo Magaliozzi
A warm handshake from Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman and Master David Johns solidifies the achievement.  Well over a decade of training pays off.
Master David Johns and Kyo Sa Cosmos Magaliozzi
Master David Johns is the head instructor of the South Bay Chang Moo Kwan schools where he had been so for 15 or so years.  Here he is with Cosmo.  Mr. Magaliozzi was one of the founding members when Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman and Master David Johns started the San Pedro Chang Moo Kwan adult class at the local YMCA.  This is of course where Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee came back to teach traditional Chang Moo Kwan.
No Time For the Dust To Settle
Moments after receiving his 3rd Degree Black Belt, Cosmo was on the way to learning his 4th Degree Black Belt.  Since he made the trip all the way from Arizona, there was a need to combined pleasure and achievement with a learning opportunity.  Here Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman demonstrates as Cosmo follows the 4th Dan Test.
Master David Johns Demonstrates the 4th Degree Black Belt Test: Demonstrating a chopping technique Master David Johns guide Cosmo Magaliozzi through some of the final moves of the 4th degree test.  
The Test Begins

Master David Johns shows Cosmo the first part of the 4th degree black test.  It was an hornor for both Grandmaster Wiedenman and Master David Johs to show Cosmo the test.

Any Place Can Be A Dojang
Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman and Mr Cosmo Magaliozzi work on test in Grandmaster's living-room.  
Master David Johns and Cosmo Training:  Cosmo follows Master Johns on his first time through the 3rd Degree Black Belt Form.