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Chang Moo Kwan Events

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1983 Pomona Master George Fullerton, Co-Founder of the Pomona High School Chang Moo Kwan Team on left.  Master Fullerton has been working with at risk youth for over 30 years, applying his martial arts principals to real life.

In 1999 at a Crisis Prevention Seminar, Master George Fullerton presented a class on self defense techniques and personal awareness in Los Angeles.  For his dedicated effort he receive a letter of commendation from the office of mayor.  It is cool that Jeff Zimmerman took time to write a personal note "Thanks Again."

2003 In this "Vista America" article Jose Morales distinguished Master George Fullerton accomplishment in being inducted into the "RANCOCAS VALLEY REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL HALL OF FAME" for his outstanding contributions to the youth of Pomona Valley and for his effort and dedication in redirecting inner-city youth for over three decades.  The article recognizes Master Fullertons accomplishments as a breaking champion at the USA Breaking Championships at Las Vegas, Nevada.  This took place at the Riviera Hotel, in June 2003.

Page two of the article above shows six photos of Master George Fullerton.  (From left top to right)  Master Fullerton is executing a forearm and elbow break on 5 concrete slabs.  Top right photo show Master Fullerton being congratulated by Master Tom Georgian, promoter of the San Diego Grand Nationals.  Bottom middle photo Master Fullerton surrounded by former classmates also inducted into the hall of fame.  On the far right is Mr. Carmine Cella, who mentor Master Fullerton, and was the driving force compelling Master Fullerton to go on to college and urged him to become a teacher.  It was Mr. Cella's mentoring that helped Master Fullerton focus on "playing it forward' when it comes to working with "at risk" youths.   

2003 Master George Fullerton is given well deserved recognition in a local Pomona Newspaper for both his induction to the Rancocas Valley Regional High School Hall of Fame, but for recent success in the International Martial Arts Championship in Las Vegas. 

2003 At the USA World Championships Master George Fullerton displayed his ever present power and ki as he broke his way to the top.  Joining him for the event and seen in the photo above is his brother Ric who is an educator in the Marshall.  Ric Fullerton is not only the best brother you could ever have but a staunch supported of all of Master Fullerton's endeavors.

2004 Master George Fullerton is honored in "Campus Scenes" published by the Pomona Unified School District"  again for his induction into his High Schools Hall of Fame.  The touching lines from his own Diamond Ranch High School principal ring true, "I am proud to have him as an integral part of the Diamond Ranch family."

2004 USA World Championships Las Vegas Master George Fullerton is features as a top class competitor.  Master Fullerton has remained competitive for almost a decade.

2004 Breaking Championships the local Upland City News acknowledges Master George Fullerton for his breaking.  Feature in the article too is master Fullerton's great friend Sensei Mohammed, both traditional and dedicated masters to their arts.

Master George Fullerton displays two beautiful trophies along side his protege Joe Hernandez.  About 30 years ago, Joe Hernandez was a Pomona High School student who reluctantly joined the Pomona High School Chang Moo Kwan Club under the direction of Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman and Master George Fullerton.  Cho Kyo Hernandez proudly stands along side his former teacher and competes.  (See Section on Cho Kyo Joe Hernandez)

In 2005 Master George Fullerton receives an awesome award for his successful showing at the USA World Martial Arts Championships.  It is signed by everybody from the Mayor to council members.  Master Fullerton achieved celebrity status as both a formidable tournament competitor and as a phenomenal high school administrator for Diamond Ranch High School.  He was loved and respected by the students and the teachers.

2005 Master George Fullerton received this award for his time and dedication to redirecting at risk kids through his martial arts his martial arts programs at Diamond Ranch.  The significance of this presentation is the fact the students judge and chose the best of the best...and that is Master Fullerton.

2006 Marked a 1st Place in the Open Creative Breaking Division and a 2nd in the Traditional Breaking Division for .  In the photo above you will see the ever present Cho Kyo Joe Hernandez right by Master Fullerton's side. 

2005 at a National Breaking Championship held at the Los Angeles County Fair in Los Angeles California Master George Fullerton and partner Joe Hernandez take on the breaking divisions.   Both proudly representing Chang Moo Kwan, they took home 1st place honors.

2005 Again on the way to a win, Master George Fullerton attacks a seemingly insurmountable stacks of bricks.  Representing Chang Moo Kwan, he pounded his was to winning two world titles.  Here Master Fullerton receives well deserved recognition by the number one Korean Martial Arts magazine "Tae Kwon Do Times."   Also feature above is Master Fullerton's breaking partner Cho Kyo Joe Hernandez.

2007 Tae Kwon Do Times Press pass was presented to Master George Fullerton because of his frequent high quality coverage of many key tournament and breaking competitions.  His efforts to promote martial arts has led Master Fullerton to be a key figure in martial arts journalism.

In 2007 yet again Master George Fullerton take the prize Cho Kyo Joe hernandez at the Palace Station.  Master Fullerton again took the Creative Division while his student and Cho Kyo Joe Hernandez took the Traditional Division, and both proudly represented Chang Moo Kwan.

2007 La Voz "The Voice" recognizes both Master George Fullerton and his student Cho Kyo Joe Hernandez for exhibiting "tremendous focus, speed, power, and flexibility," in their quest for the highest titles.

2008 La Voz  Master George Fullerton is again is recognized as the Open Division Breaking Championship.  La Voz or "The Voice" is a prominent Latino publication.

2008 June Master George Fullerton received a well deserved award for working with youth in Mount Holly, New Jersey encouraging students to steer clear of drugs and trouble.  The significant this about  his heartfelt effort is he was redirecting young people not far from where he grew up.

2009 Master George Fullerton was inducted as an honorary graduate of the Diamond Ranch High School 2009 graduating class.  This was an award given by the students, and it showed how his firm, fair guidance was not only respected by his peers but the students he was responsible for.

2010 "Inside Tae Kwon Do"  Master George Fullerton tells his heart wrenching story about a tragic loss and how his faith and Chang Moo Kwan helped him overcome a physical and emotional nightmare. 

2010 "Tae Kwon Do Times" Master George Fullerton is featured in the magazines section on breaking.  Master Fullerton has won dozens of breaking championships in many different categories across the country.  His ability to demonstrate mind over matter executing the kicks and strikes of Chang Moo Kwan with lethal precision.