November 2012 

Master Fullerton's

65th Birthday Party

Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman Hosted Grandmaster George Fullerton's 65th birirthday in his San Pedro home.  Also Barbara, George's  sweetheart celebrating her 29th.  It was pot luck, all has plenty to eat.  Enjoy!

Chang Moo Kwan Events

San Pedro In Photos

Chang Moo Kwan Events

San Pedro In Photos

About fifty or so students and Chang Moo Kwan instrutors came from all over the Southland to celebrate with Grandmaster George Fullerton. 
A Great Celebration

Grandmaster George Fullerton's 60th birthday gets underway:  Left to right Master Gene Hahn who runs a studio in Rialto, Master David Johns for San Pedro Chang Moo Kwan, Mr. Darrel Collins from Rialto, and Lu Dam from Brea.  You might recognise Lu from the 2011 Black Belt Ceremony.  He is also one of the founding members of the High School Chang Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do team in the very early 1980's under the instruction of Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman and Grandmaster George Fullerton.  
The Salsa King Strikes Again

Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman povided the salsa and chips, the salsa is handcreafted by the Grandmaster.  He is a true "Pepperhead."

There were enough different salsa to make everybody happy.  Many other dishes brought by the students and instructors.  
The Birthday Couple Share a Tender Moment

Grandmaster George Fullerton and his sweetheart Barbara share a moment as honorees of the night.  
Glen Stires and Chika

Glen Stires is another founding member of Pomona High School Chang Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do Team, cofounder by Grandmasters Jon Wiedenman in the 1980's.  Glen has been a great friend of the family, a returned to continuing his training.
Three Great Friends

Sophia Johns, Michiru, and Chika accompany Master David Johns, Grandmaster Wiedenman, and Glen Stires respectfully.  

Photo OP

Several students wanted to get up close and take photo with Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman, so in the middle of the party they requested his presence in his home dojang for some photos.  Here Grandmaster Wiedenman poses for a portrait photo for a banner Darrel Cook is making.   Worthy of notation are the 4 wrist bands around Grandmaster Wiedenman's wrist.  The three green ones are for three US Army Rangers deployed currently in Afghanistan.  All are associates of the Grandmaster. The brown one commemorate veteran who have served in the past everywhere.  Grandmaster Wiedenman's father Harold A. Wiedenman was with 503 Airborne Infantry Division During World War Two.
Some of the Key Instructors From
 Grandmaster Fullerton's Master Wong's Dojang

Some of the senior instructors for the World Martial Arts Training center.  Mr. Tye Romaro, Master Rome Saura, Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman, Master Wilson Wong, and Mr. Sonny Reyes.  Behind is the White Tiger Dojang banner.  Both Grandmaster Wiedenman and his dojang we appointed to the seminary of Chang Moo Kwan by Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee.

Glen Stires: A Former High School Of Grandmasters'

Glen was a student at Pomona High School when both Grandmaster Wiedenman and Fullerton were both teaching there.
Master Gene Hahn One Of Grandmaster's Oldest Friends

Master Gene Hahn and Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman go back some almost 40 years, meeting at 1977 in Chung's Chang Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do.  They were training buddies for most of there beginning carers.  Many tournaments, demonstrations across the first several years they were partners.  Master Hahn has remained one of Grandmasters best friends an runs a Chang Moo Kwan studio in Rialto.

Trip Down Memory Lane

Here Master Gene Hahn and Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman, then in their early 20's, standing side by side after a training session.  Both had a lot more hair.
Darrel Collins Poses For a Photo

Darrell Collins helps Master Gene Hahn with his classes and with the Chang Moo Kwan World Martial Arts Fighting Team.  He is especially dedicated to Chang Moo Kwan Youth Programs.  
Grandmaster George Fullerton Takes the Cake

 Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman presents cake to Grandmaster George Fullerton, he could not fit all 60 candles on the cake, but Grandmaster Fullerton did a Grandmaster job of blowing out the candles so looks like his wish would come true.  (From Left to Right:  Barbara, Grandmaster Wiedenman, Grandmaster Fullerton, Ian Wiedenman--Grandmaster Wiedenman's son--and Master Wilson Wong.)
Colorful Cake

A close up of Grandmaster Fullerton's birthday cake.  Note the 65!  Grandmaster Wiedenman had the cake custom made cake for his best friend.
Grandmaster Fullerton and Grandmaster Wiedenman Give a Short Speech

Many would agree that there exist no such thing as a short speech when it comes to Grandmasters Jon Wiedenman and George Fullerton.  Here, Grandmaster Fullerton thanks the guests for stopping by.
Happy Birthday Grandmaster George Fullerton!

Thanks for 35 plus years of support, Friendship, and guidance.  Here Grandmasters George Fullerton and Jon Wiedenman stand on either side of Jim Farley, one of the original members of the Pomona High School Chang Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do Team.