August 2011 Awards Ceremony

During a warm San Pedro California morning in August 2011, four Chang Moo Kwan students received their 1st dan (degree) black belts presented by Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman, Grandmaster George Fullerton, and Master David Johns. 


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Chang Moo Kwan Events

San Pedro In Photos

August 2011
Chang Moo Kwan
Black Belt 
Dedication Awards

A Very Meaningful Day

Dario Franceschi,  Dennis Lake, Glen Stires, and Lu Dam received thier Chang Moo Kwan 1st Dan (Degree) Black Belts.  The four first receive Chang Moo Kwan letters of appreciation for their contributions to our traditional martial art.  Chang Moo Kwanist Ray Ringleman received a letter of appreciation as well. 


Two Chang Moo Kwan head instructors Grandmaster George Fullerton and Master David Johns were bestowed with certificates proclaiming "dedication to the spirit of Chang Moo Kwan over time."  They were presented by Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman.  Both have trained extensively by Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee beside Grandmaster Wiedenman, and continue to carry on his vision of traditional Chang Moo Kwan.

A  final very touching presentation was given to Ian Thomas Wiedenman, Grandmaster Wiedenman's one and only son.  He had asked when he was quite young if he could have his dad's 9th dan (Degree) black belt when his father passed away.  When Grandmaster George Fullerton presented Grandmaster Wiedenman with a new 9th degree at a special presentation earlier in the year, Grandmaster Wiedenman decided to present his son with his old belt--the one he wanted.  Interesting to note, in the photos of Ian, he is wearing his dad's original Chang Moo Kwan uniform, almost 35 years old.  Now that is tradition.

Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee's Portrait
At the San Pedro Korean Bell located at Friendship Park, we have hosted many test, seminars, and Chang Moo Kwan events.  It is less than one mile from the YMCA Dojang where Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee trained until he passed on.  His portrait is displayed at every dojang (studio) and at every significant event.
Supreme Grandmaster nam Suk Lee's Portrait and the Korean Bell
A majestic look at Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee's portrait with the Korean Bell in the background.
Awaiting the commencement of the Balck Belt Ceremony
 Three of the four black Belt candidates before the ceremony: (Left to Right) Glen Stires, Lu Dam, Jim Farley, and Dennis Lake.  Jim Farley received his black belt almost 30 years ago and was part of the founding members of the Pomona High School Chang Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do Team, circa 1981. The association was co founded by the now Grandmasters Jon R. Wiedenman and George Fullerton.  Glen Stires and Lu Dam both returned after many years to receive their rank.  Dennis was also a student at Chung's Tae Kwon Do Chang Moo Kwan throughout the late Seventies and Eighties.  He managed the Lumber Store across the street from the studio and supplied all the board for breaking free of charge. (Dennis is on the far right)
Jim, Glen and Lu in the Early 1980's. 
They have not changed a bit: a blast from the past.  Three of the four in above photo: (Left Side) Jim Farley, (Middle) Glen Stires, (Far Right) Lu Dam.  The photo was taken in Grandmasters Jon R. Wiedenman's classroom at Pomona High School, 1981.  He taught English for six years in the Pomona Unified School District were Grandmaster Wiedenman and Grandmaster George Fullerton co founded three Chang Moo Kwan schools , Pomona, Gary and Ganesha High Schools were all a part of the Inter-High School Chang Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do Association.
Grandmaster's Confer
Grandmaster George Fullerton (Left)  and Grandmaster Jon R. Wiedenman (Right) discuss the final preparations for the ceremony to follow.  Both Grandmasters have been working side by side for over three decades to promote the spirit of Chang Moo Kwan.
A Moment Of Silence
Before the black belt ceremony begins, there is a few moments of silence for the servicemen and women serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Grandmaster Wiedenman Opens Ceremony
Grandmaster Jon R. Wiedenman opens the black belt ceremony with a short speech about the background of the students and the events bringing all together today.  Grandmaster George Fullerton is to his right and Grandmaster's son Ian Wiedenman, his assistant, to his left.
Grandmaster George Fullerton Welcome the Candidates
Grandmaster George Fullerton addresses the black belt ceremony participants with some humerous reflections about Lu Dam, Jim Farley, and Glen Stires during thier high school days some 30 years ago.  Grandmaster Jon wiedenman and George Fullerton both taught there in the early 1980's.  Jim, Glen and Lu were all at one point both Chang Moo Kwan as well as classroom students of both Grandmasters.  Jim and Glen both were teachers aides in Grandmaster Wiedenman and Fullerton' classroom.  Ofter the showed up during breaks with their uniforms on to train. 
Dario Gets His 1st Degree Black Belt
First person to get their black belt was Dario Franceschi from Las Vegas Nevada.  Cho Kyo Franceschi began 30 years ago at the Chung's Chang Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do in Pomona California.  He contribute significantly to the early development and motivation of new students.  Here Mr. Franceschi holds up his "Appreciation" award for contributions to Chang Moo Kwans growth.
Grandmaster Jon R. Wiedenman Reads Certificate  
Grandmaster Jon R. Wiedenman reads the wording on Mr. Dario Franceschi's 1st Degree Black Belt.  It is an important part of the ceremony and a special moment for the recipients.
Hugs  Run Along With the Emotions
Tears and Hugs are frequent at such emotionally charged events.  Years of training, conditioning, disciple, compassion, and friendship evolve with he making of a black belt in Chang Moo Kwan.  It all comes together when an instructor who has watched over your process and development presents your belt.
Presentation of the Belt
Master David Johns hands a black belt to Grandmaster Jon R. Wiedenman while Dario Frenceschi waits for the honor. 
The Wrapping of the Belt
Grandmasters Wiedenman and Fullerton hold opposite ends of a black belt and prepare to wrap it around Mr. Franceschi.
A Symbol of Unification
Two of Mr. Franceschi's instructors wrap a black belt around his waist.  Both instructor and student recognize this is a symbolic gesture acknowledging the unique bond representing the role the teacher has in influencing the student, and impact every student's success has on the teacher.

The Knot


Regardless of rank, the senior instructor to the student is generally the person who finishes off the knot.  Here, Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman prepares the knot to be tightened.  Grandmaster Fullerton looks on.

Impossible to Hold Back A Smile


Mr. Franceschi smiles with the satisfaction of knowing he has finally come to realize the rewards of his hard and dedicated work over time.

The Knot is Tightened


The cinching of the knot seals the deal and Mr Dario Franceschi is the first of today's four candidates to get his black belt.

Cho Kyo Dennis Lake
Receives 1st Degree Black Belt
Cho Kyo Glen Stires
Receives 1st Degree Black Belt
Lu Dam 
Receives 1st Degree Black Belt
David Johns
Appreciation Award
George Fullerton
Life Time Dedication Award
Ian Thomas Wiedenman
9th Degree Presentation
 Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman (Dad's) Belt