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The Green Book*

*On the Occasion  of the 30th Anniversary of Founding (Sep. 1. 1946 - Sep. 1. 1976)

The Green Book

     This section entitled "The Green Book" is included in our website to pay tribute and honor all the Grandmasters, Masters, and students who have contributed to the rich heritage of Chang Moo Kwan.  This copy of "The Green Book" was presented to me by Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee at the San Pedro, USA YMCA in April of 1999.  I had seen it several times before, but I never owned my own copy.  After class, I immediately asked Supreme Grandmaster Lee to autograph it for me.  I respectfully handed "The Green Book" back to Supreme Grandmaster, and let him choose the place to sign it.  He chose page number six.

     On the gold embossed cover, handsomely displaying the Chang Moo Kwan logo, there is the notation "On the Occasion  of the 30th Anniversary of Founding (Sep. 1. 1946 - Sep. 1. 1976)"  What I see when I scroll through the pages is a snapshot of all that Chang Moo Kwan was, 35 years ago, and all that was important to our Supreme Grandmaster.  Every photo, every letter, every commentary was added deliberately, carefully, and meticulously.  It is a window to a point and time that, without its existence, the practitioners of Chang Moo Kwan would be at a great loss. 

     As I flip through the pages time and again I see something new.  I love scrutinizing the photos.  I see young martial artists in group photos that must be now in their 60's and 70's.  In this frozen moment in time, their gaze says everything.  Their posture and attitude emanates a justifiably, prideful manifestation of fighting spirit deeply rooted in the practicing of something which a handful of dedicated Korean masters kindled and cared for.  I honestly believe that the Great Grandmasters shown in this book changed the course of Korean modern history.  To me they are national treasures.

    It has been 10 years since Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee passed.  I think about him all the time.  I was lucky to have him for a short while on this earth.  I am lucky to have this book.  When I handed to Darrell Cook, our historian, and I asked him if he would scan it for me, he had no idea what he was in for.  I owe him a lot of gratitude for the great job he has done on each page. 

     I have seen no copyright on "The Green Book;" furthermore, I have no idea who has the rights to it is any.  I have gone to great lengths to "NOT" step on anyone's toes.  If someone has the rights to it, please explain, and please let me know how I can acquire permission to continue to present this timeless Chang Moo Kwan classic.  If not, I will sadly remove it.

     As always, if there are any questions or comments please address them to our guestbook.


The Chang Moo Kwan “Green Book” is a snap shot of Chang Moo Kwan at its apex globally as an art.  Now, 35 years later, it is a testimonial to Supreme Grandmaster Lee perseverance and dedication and love of the art he founded so many years ago.

Very special thanks to Kyo Sa Darrel Cook our Chang Moo Kwan historian.  He borrowed my only copy of the “Green Book” and patiently scanned and cleans up each of the 200 pages.  What we guessed would take a few months ended up be close to two years.  Darrell Cook stuck with this project month after month.   I strongly believe if I asked Kyo Sa Cook if he would have taken on the project-- knowing the intensiveness of the commitment—he would still have gone for it.  Without Darrell, the Green Book would not be accessible to both the Chang Moo Kwan community in the present, but even more importantly to the future.   Thanks Darrell for all you have done. 


A very special thanks to Susan Cook.  She was so patient with Darrell and myself, especially Darrell in the pursuit of perfection of the Green Book.  She has in addition supported her husband and two children achieve their Chang Moo Kwan dreams.


In the Spirit of Chang Moo Kwan,

Grandmaster Jon R. Wiedenman, 9th Dan MA Ed

Last Student of the Founder Chang Moo Kwan...

Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee

Custodian of the Spirit of Chang Moo Kwan

8/4/2012, San Pedro, CA USA