Chang Moo Kwan: The Source

History and Heritage of Chang Moo Kwan

This section is offered a place where contributions can be made promoting the roots of Chang Moo Kwan and its rich heritage.  Contributions are welcomed.  Darrell Cook is the "Historical Guru" and will edit what is submitted.  Nothing legitimate will be overlooked.  We would welcome everything from biographies of people involved and historical events documented. 

1948 1st Promotion Test at the Ministry Of Communications Tae Kwon Do Department.  Grandmaster Byong In Yoon Center, Grandmaster Lee on his Left. 

Gichin Funakoshi's Sensei, and Okinawan expatriate in Japan, had and significant impact on  Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee.  Supreme Grandmaster retrieved a discarded copy of "Karate Jutsu" and formed what became the most significant roots of Chang Moo Kwan.

Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee, the Co Founder of Chang Moo Kwan with contemporary Byong In Yoon, demonstrates an advanced form technique in a 1992 Tae Kwon Do Times article. 

1949 2nd Tae Kwon do Demonstration at the YMCA, Seoul, Korea. Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee with in(Square) Grandmaster Byong In Yoon in(Diamond).

Grandmaster Byong In Yoon seated in the middle co-founded Chang Moo Kwan with Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee.  Grandmaster Yoon trained in both Manchurian Chaun-Fa and Japanese Shutokan under Okinawan Master Kanken Toyama.