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Stranger Danger: Tips to Keep Or Children Safe

For decades Chang Moo Kwan instructors have worked with thousands of children and young adults to prepare themselves for the threat of abduction and possible bodily harm.  In the curriculum implemented by our South Bay, California studios, each child taking their very first test must demonstrate no less than 3 successful escape techniques from and adult instructor.  This, at the entry level of a young martial artists journey is arguably the most important set of skill they will be taught.  Furthermore, these methods of escaping harm are reinforced constantly.  "Prepared not sacred" is our motto. 

The section which follows will be added on to, and is currently in the works.  We are putting some preliminary information up to get a general "feel" for how the visitors feel.  Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman and Masters George Fullerton and David Johns are available with advance notice to instruct community service seminars for those in of charge.