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Master Rome Saura, 6th Dan

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Chang Moo Kwan Events

San Pedro In Photos

Master Rome Saura works on his form aside his good friend Master Wilson Wong and student cho Kyo Barbara Martin. Master Rome Saura has trained in Chang Moo Kwan well over 20 years and is considered a big brother to many of Chang Moo Kwans students and instructors.  Originally from the Philippine Islands, Master Saura began splitting his time between his home land in the Philippines and USA.  Shortly after achieving Masterhood, he returned "home" to begin classes in his home town.  His students in the "PI" eagerly await his return.  State side, his extended friends and family look to Master Saura as an example of tradition balanced with compassion.

March 3, 2013

Chang Moo Kwan

Promotion Test: Master Gene Hahn

Highland/Rialto Studios

2011 February 

 Chang Moo Kwan

6th Degree Black Belt Promotion Test

World Martial Arts Center

Ontario California

February 2011

 Chang Moo Kwan

6th Degree Black Belt Ceremony

Korean Friendship Bell

 San Pedro, California

Master Rome Saura
Photos From the Past

One of the proudest days of Master Rome Saura's Chang Moo Kwan experience was a honoring his two nephews Phillip and Ariel and with their first dan black belts.  Master Instructor George Fullerton and instructor Cho Kyo Etta Pulce witness the awesome event.

As with Chang Kwan tradition, Master Rome Saura and master Wilson Wong relinquished their black belts and tie on white belts.  For a month or so they step to the very back of the class and train as very beginners.  This goes on for a month.  They must clear their mind of knowledge and re-learn.  The exercise is culminated in their rite of purification and elevation to the level of 5th dan or Master level.  The exercise refreshes and intensifies their understanding of humility and compassion.

After a month or so of training as a white belt, Master Rome Saura is required to perform each of his 20 plus forms to receive his black belt back again.  Her, students and close friends Tony Martin and Etta Pulce perform the honors.

The ceremony elevating Master Rome Saura back to black belt is complete with a warm handshake from his student and great friend Tony Martin.  Etta Pulce give her support.

2004 San Pedro, California, Master Rome Saura takes careful notes while attending Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman's 6th degree seminar.
2006 Master Rome Saura performs the Chang Moo Kwan forms at San Pedro's Korean Bell.  On the left is Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman, behind is Cho Kyo Joe Hernandez and Ryan Cook is in the rear middle.
2006 Master Rome Saura and The Korean Bell executing a high front punch as a part of Supreme Grandmaster Lee's Pyung An forms.  On the left is Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman and center is Student Ryan Cook.

2006 Always present at any dojang, training event, or black belt ceremony is the portrait of Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee.  Present at the ceremony of one of Master Saura's best students and our "Chang Moo Kwan Historian" Darrell Cook's black belt presentation are (Left to Right Cho Kyo Darrell Cook, Mater George Fullerton, Master Wilson Wong, Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman, Master Rome Saura, and Cho Kyo Joe Hernandez. 

2002 In a ceremony honoring Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee, Master Rome Saura, Master Wilson Wong, and Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman perform the five basic Ki Bo's to warm up.

2002 (Left to Right) Master David Johns, Master George Fullerton and Master Rome Saura take few minutes to meditate during a early morning at San Pedro's Korean Bell.

2002 Master Rome Saura  (Left) is Joined by Master George Fullerton, Master Alex Paredes, and Master David Johns (Left in order) in the beginning move in the 5th Degree Black Belt form. 

2002 Master Rome Saura accompanies Master George Fullerton in executing form in a day devoted to the commemorating of Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee.

2002 Master Rome Saura and Master Wilson Wong have been partners in training for decades.  Here they practice one of the five traditional blocking exercises that Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee emphasised as daily practice.

2002 Master Rome Saura blocks a front punch from  his life long partner Master Wilson Wong.

2002 San Pedro, California at the Korean Bell, Master Rome Saura and Master Wilson Wong lead a by example proper breathing and meditation.

2002 Master Rome Saura and Master Wilson Wong meditating overlooking the Pacific Ocean in San Pedro, California.

2002 (From Right to Left)  Master Wilson Wong, Master Rome Saura, and Master George Fullerton lead dozens of dedicated students who all came to perform Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee's traditional forms.  Here a knife hand block is articulated and is a part of many of the traditional forms; moreover, the knife hand block was Supreme Grandmaster's favorite technique

2002 Master Rome Saura joins his instructors and students at San Pedro's unique Korean Bell and the picturesque MacArthur Park.  In the background, Grandmaster Marty Marcus looks watchfully and compassionately on.

2002 Master Rome Saura meditatively executes his movement with a deep understanding of the true Chang Moo Kwan Spirit.