Chang Moo Kwan: The Source

Master Wilson Wong, 6th Dan

Ontario/WorldMartial Arts Training Center

San Pedro In Photos

San Pedro In Photos


September 8th 2013

Chang Moo Kwan Competition Team Party

 Diamond Bar, California

August 17. 2013

World Martial Arts Training Center

Regular Promotion Test

Ontario, California

July 17, 2013
Traditional Chang Moo Kwan Class
Guest Instructor Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman
World Martial Arts Training Center
Ontario, California

March 3, 2013

Chang Moo Kwan

Promotion Test: Master Gene Hahn

Highland/Rialto Studios

February 2011 

 Chang Moo Kwan

6th Degree Black Belt Promotion Test

World Martial Arts Center

Ontario California

February 2011

 Chang Moo Kwan

6th Degree Black Belt Ceremony

Korean Friendship Bell

 San Pedro, California

Master Wilson Wong Photos

Master Wilson Wong shows incredible focus as he leads Master Rome Saura and Cho Kyo Etta Pulce in a traditioanl Chang Moo Kwan form at his studio in Ontario, California.

2002 During a ceremony commemorating Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee, Master Saura joins dozens of Chang Moo Kwan students in performing a basic Ki Bo in San Pedro, California. ( Left to Right, Kyo Sa Cosmo Magliozzi, Master Wilson Wong, Master Rome Saura, Master George Fullerton, and Master Alex Paredes all in front row)

2002 San Pedro, California, Master Wilson Wong executing a front punch as part of a basic Ki Bo Form.  Master Rome Saura and Master George Fullerton are to his left.

Master Wilson Wong on left follows Master George Fullerton while articulating the first move in the 4th Chul Gi Form  Chul Gi Sa Dan.  Mid photo is or Chang Moo Kwan historian Darrell Cook, on of Master Wong's top students.

2002 San Pedro, California Master Wilson Wong Receives his Masters' or 5th Degree black belt from Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman.  Witnessing the ceremony is Grandmaster Marty Marcus.

At the Korean Bell in San Pedro California, master Wilson Wong--on the far left--executes a middle block which make up the intermediate traditional form Pyong An Il Do.  This form was nicknamed by Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee add the "wall from."  Also in this photo are: To Master Wong's left--Chang Moo Kwan Historian Cho Kyo Barrel Cook, Christine Cook, and Master George Fullerton.

In this random shot while performing his basics, the Master Wilson Wongs  "gaze" or "focus" is caught in a frozen moment.  To Master Wong's left is top student Cho Kyo Barabra Martin.

Master Wilson Wong on the left joins his fellow instructors and associates at Master George Fullerton's Diamond Ranch High School Studio.  From Master Wong's left Master Luis Rodriquez, Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman, Master Geroge Fullerton, and Master Alex Paredes.

Master Wilson Wong stands proudly aside some of his top students.  Ryan Cook, holding his provisional black belt in his left hand, has just recieved his hard earned 1st Dan Black Belt.  To Cho Kyo Ryan Cook's right is his sister Cho Kyo Christina Cook and to his left is his beaming father Cho Kyo and historian Darrell Cook.  To Master Wong's left is Cho Kyo Etta Pulce--always smiling!  In the background in the Korean Bell.   

A proud Master Wilson Wong with his son, Keanu.  Master Wong is very supportive of building strong families through association with the respect and traditions taught in Chang Moo Kwan.