Chang Moo Kwan: The Source

Master Gene Hahn

Kyo Sa Gene Hahn is the head instructor at A.Y.O.P. America's Youth Outreach Program located in both San Bernardino and Rialto.  Kyo Sa Hahn has had more than  30 years experience with Chang Moo Kwan under the direct supervision of Grandmaster Chung.  Kyo Sa Hahn has a deep love for Chang Moo Kwan and it traditions.

1978 A young Kyo Sa Gene Hahn and Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman with Don Mc Cullough.  Note the rabbit ears above Grandmaster Wiedenamn's head.
1978 Kyo Sa Gene Hahn launched a jump inside-outside crescent kick at Don Mc McCullough easily exceeding head level.
1982 Pomona, California:  Kyo Sa Gene hahn battles it out on the way to one of his many victories.  Here an perfectly executed round house kick reaches its target and scores.  Kyo Sa Gene Hahn was a member of Chung's Tae Kwon do fighting team located of of Pomona, California.
1980 Kyo Sa Gene Hahn executes a head level front snap kick
1980 Kyo Sa Gene Hahn strikes the heavy bag with a perfectly executed round house kick.
2008 Kyo Sa Gene Hahn with one of his top Chang Moo Kwan Black Belt Students Horace Boatwright. 

Master Gene Hahn poses with some of his top students: From left to right- Autumn S., Cody C., Master Gene Hahn, Juan Castellanos, Chris L.