Chang Moo Kwan: The Source

Kyo Sa Etta Pulce

2010 Cho Kyo Etta Pulce stands proudly between her two head instructors.  Left is Master Rome Saura and on the right is Master Wilson Wong.  Both instructors have worked with her for over a decade. 

Etta Pulce on the far right takes place in a black belt award ceremony for Master Wilson Wong's advanced students.  Form Right to Left:  Christina Cook, Ryan Cook, Darrell Cook, Master Wilson Wong and Etta Pulce.

Etta Pulce takes a place of honor along with Tony Martin in awarding Master Rome Saura with a black belt, prior to his Rite of Purification. Master Saura surrendered his Black Belt to train as a beginner for over a month in preparation for Masterhood.  Etta Pulse was a part of this ceremony.

Cho Kyo Etta Pulse articulates a very flexible inside outside crescent kick to long time training partner and friend Kyo Sa Darrell Cook.

Cho Kyo Etta Pulce throws a front leg round house kick at Kyo Sa Darrell Cook.  Keep in mind Kyo Sa Cook is almost 6' 4"

A step side kick is thrust at partner Kyo Sa Darrell Cook.  Cho Kyo Etta Pulce combines grace, focus, flexibility and power. 

At the apex of a front ax kick Cho Kyo Etta Pulce becomes one with the technique and its crescendo of power.

The flying side kick caught at its maximum extension, Cho Kyo Etta Pulce's focus, evident by her gaze across her extended leg, captures the moment of impact.