Chang Moo Kwan: The Source

Kyo Sa Darrell Cook


Cho Kyo Darrell Cook throws his partner in a one step sparring technique--which ends in a painful arm lock--during his 1st dan Black Belt Test 

Cho Kyo Darrell performs all the forms he knows to First Degree Black Belt.  The location is the Korean Bell, in San Pedro and the occasion is the presentation of two very dedicated Chang Moo Kwan students with their well deserved First Dan Black Belt.  Here, along with their instructors, they perform a double blocking motion from intermediate form Pyong An Shi Da. 

Darrel Cook, mid photo with provisional black belt, executes a middle block from advanced form Chul Gi Cho dan.  The fog rolls in for a few minutes and it seems to add to the experience.  Left to right are Master Wong, Cho Kyo Darrell Cook, Christina Cook, Master George Fullerton.

Cho Kyo Darrell Cook listens intently to a speech by Grandmaster Wiedenman about respect for Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee.  From Left to Right:  Cho Kyo Darrell Cook, Master George Fullerton, Master Wilson Wong, Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman, Master Rome Saura, and Cho Kyo Joe Hernandez.  Master Wong and Master Saura worked very hard with Cho Kyo Cook to accomplish his First Dan Black Belt.

Cho Kyo Darrell Cook poses with Joseph Hernandez with newly acquired black belts.  Form left to right: Ryan Cook, Christina Cook, Cho Kyo Darrell Cook, Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman, Cho Kyo Joseph Hernandez, master George Fullerton, Master Rome Saura, Master Wilson Wong.

Cho Kyo Darrell Cook tests for his 2nd Dan Black Belt along side his son Ryan Cook who is taking his 1st Dan Black Belt exam.  Looking on is Master Instructor Master Wilson Wong.  The judge visible on the right is Cho Kyo Joe Hernandez.  They are doing traditional forms of Chang Moo Kwan.

Cho Kyo Darrell Cook demonstrates a multi-opponent technique in front of Chang Moo Kwan judges during his 2nd Dan Black Belt test.  His opponent is his daughter, Christina Cook.  Judges Kyo San Gene Hahn, Master George Fullerton, Cho Kyo Etta Pulce, and Cho Kyo Joe Hernandez.

Cho Kyo Darrell Cook focuses on his opponent as his launches a one step attack.  Cho Kyo Cook was responsible for 17 forms and 18 one steps as a portion of his 2nd Dan test.   Judges in the background are Kyo Sa Gene Hahn, Master George Fullerton, Cho Kyo Etta Pulce, and Cho Kyo Joe Hernandez. 

Provisional Black Belt Ryan Cook launches a front round house kick at his 1st Degree Black Belt test.  Ryan tested proudly along side his dad Cho Kyo Darrell Cook and sister Cho Kyo Christina Cook.  Judge Cho Kyo Etta Pulce is in the background.

Performing Ki Bo number four, Cho Kyo Darrell Cook begins a hour and half long gauntlet of forms, techniques, one steps, fighting and breaking.  At the end of the day, tired but rightfully proud, Cho Kyo Cook had made the grade with determination.  But of an even more significant even had occured...he had accomplished side by side with daughter Cho Kyo Christina Cook and son Ryan Cook.

Cho Kyo Darrell Cook is coached by breaking expert Cho Kyo Joe Hernandez as part of his 2nd Dan Black Belt Test.  Looking on is son Ryan Cook.  The promotion test takes place outside Chang Moo Kwan Studio operated by Master Wilson Wong.  Mater Wong is Cho Kyo Cooks direct instructor.

Cho Kyo Darrell Cook completes his 6 cement block break with a palm heal strike.  Looking on (left) is his proud teacher Master Wilson Wong.

At the culmination of several hard years of training, Cho Kyo Darrell Cook Joins his instructor Master Wilson Wong, and Cho Kyo Etta Pulce, in performing 2nd Dan Black Belt form.  Standing dramatically in the background is San Pedro's own Korean Bell.  Hundreds of Chang Moo Kwan training events and ceremonies are held here.  It is less than 2 miles from where Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee's home and a 5 minute walk from Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman's house.

A group shot of a Second Degee Darrel Cook (Second from lfet).  Other include Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman, Ryan Cook, Michelle,  Master Wong   and Master George Fullerton

Cho Kyo Darrell Cook celibates the ascension of his son Ryan Cook to First Degree.   Cho Kyo Cook is in center, his son Ryan to his right and his daughter Christina is on the far left.  A very proud Master Wilson Wong is standing on Cho Kyo Cook's left.  Cho Kyo Cook and his family did all of their training under Master Wilson Wong.  Instructor and Second Degree Black Belt Etta Pulce is on the far right.

The Cook family is a Chang Moo Kwan family!  Here Darrell, Christina, and Ryan Cook are joined by their number one supporter Mrs. Cook.  She has been the wind in Cho Kyo Darrell Cooks sails and tireless in her devotion to getting Ryan and Christina to practice.  In no small part, the success of the three Chang Moo Kwan Cook's is in direct relationship to Mrs. Cooks dedication and support. 

In order of rank--and age-- Cho Kyo Darrell Cook, 2nd Dan Cho Kyo Christina Cook, 2nd Dan and the new Cho Kyo Ryan Cook, 1st Dan proudly display three black belts earned on the same day...what an amazing feat of family unity.  This photo inspired the authors of this site to begin a page dedicated to the "Chang Moo Kwan family.

Some years ago, Grandmaster Wiedenman started a new Chang Moo Kwan tradition.  He thought that as a Black Belt one should give ones Provisional Black Belt to a student that one feels embodies the spirit of Chang Moo Kwan.  As the present historian of this site I have had to opportunity to see many practitioners of Chang Moo Kwan both past and present.  I have found that many of living pioneers of Chang Moo Kwan are still practicing today.  Their perseverance, love of the art and willingness to teach future generations are the embodiment of a true martial artist and hence the sprit of Chang Moo Kwan.  I am honored to give my Provisional Black Belt to Ty Romero.

Master Wong expresses his appreciation of Mr. Romero’s dedication to the art.

Master Wong also shares his thoughts about me as his student passing along the belt that he guided me to earn. 

Mr. Romero (shown here having his Red Belt removed by Grandmaster Fullerton while Master Wong and I watch) began training some 20 years ago under Grandmaster Dae Wung Chung.  For personal reasons he discontinued training with the rank of Master Red Belt.  A decade and a half later his love for martial arts brought him back to train with Master Wong..  Because of his speed, power and ferocity, he was chosen to spar with me at my Master Red Belt test.  I learned volumes from this one brief encounter. After the birth of his son Mason, Mr. Romero discontinued his training to spend more time with his wife and family.  When his son was old enough to practice, Mr. Romero once again returned to the art that he loved.  This time he also brought his daughter Hailey and son Mason.

After many years of anticipation, Mr. Romero anxiously awaits his new belt.


Grandmaster Fullerton and I ceremoniously tie Mr. Romero’s belt as Master Wong and his classmates observe.

After receiving his belt, Mr. Romero and I shake