Chang Moo Kwan: The Source

Kyo Sa Cosmo Magliozzi

     Kyo Sa Cosmo Magliozzi trained with Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman and Master David Johns at the San Pedro YMCA Chang Moo Kwan studio.  As a yellow belt, Kyo Sa Magliozzi attended many group classes with Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee.  He was lucky enough to learn his basic forms, including the first five Ki Bo's under the watchful, benevolent supervision of Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee.  Kyo Sa Magliozzi has moved to Arizona with his wife, Rebecca Magliozzi, and his two children.  He is beginning a studio there, and he will continue to promote Chang Moo Kwan as Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee and Grandmaster Wiedenman taught him.   
1999 Kyo Sa Cosmo Magliozzi practicing traditional blocking techniques under the watchful eyes of Supreme Grandmaster Lee Nam Suk.  Kyo Sa Magliozzi is on the left.
2005 Kyo Sa Cosmo Magliozzi receives his second degree black belt.  Wrapping Kyo Sa's new belt around his waist is Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman.  Kyo Sa Magaliozzi was then head assistant instructor for the San Pedro Y M C A, which is the studio where Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee returned to training and teaching.  He has been very dedicated to the adult class and helped promote Chang Moo Kwan in San Pedro, California before moving to Arizona.
2004 Kyo Sa Cosmo Magliozzi and his wife Cho Kyo Rebecca Magliozzi.  Rebecca continues to train and teach along side her husband.  On left is Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman and on the right is Master David Johns.
2009 (From Left to Right)  Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman, Kyo San Cosmos Magliozzi, and Master David Johns share a photo in San Pedro, California.  Kyo Sa Magliozzi frequently returns to San Pedro from Arizona to brush up on his techniques and visit friends and family.
2009 Kwo Sa Cosmo Magliozzi with number one son at Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman's home.