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Coach Darrell Collins
Rialto/Highland Head Instructor
Team Chang Moo Kwan Head Coach

Chang Moo Kwan Events

San Pedro In Photos

Chang Moo Kwan Events

San Pedro In Photos


March, 22, 2014

Chang Moo Kwan Black Belt Presentations

Alma Solis & Chandler Lee Receiving 1st Dan Black Belts

Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman and Master George Fullerton Overseeing

Coach Darrell Collins and Kyo Sa Cody Collins Presenting

Highland/Rialto Studios

April 25th, 2014

Chang Moo Kwan Black Belt Promotion Test

Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman and Master George Fullerton Overseeing

Coach Darrell Collins Presenting/Gerardo Alvarado Judging

Alma Solis & Chandler Lee Testing

Highland/Rialto Studios

Saturday, April 25th 2014 a Black Belt Test for Chandler Lee & Alma Solis was conducted at the Highland Studio conducted by Coach Darrell Collins. Coach Collins hard work over the last year was clearly evident as both students executed an exceptional test mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Alma Solis and Chandler Lee both successfully completed all requirements for their 1st degree black belts in and exceptional test over seen by Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman and Master George Fullerton.

Their test included all their forms, freestyle techniques, one steps, and sparring. The most significant and interesting were the verbal answers to the judges’ questions. Both Alma and Chandler were very insightful and articulate. Mr. Darrell Collins, Coach Collins, on his impressive prep work on getting the candidates ready, as he did an unbelievable job of taking the "helm of the ship" after the passing of his beloved friend and teacher Master Gene Hahn the former head instructor of the Highland and Rialto studios just this last January.  All agreed, Master Hahn would have been honored to see the dedication  and "spirit" of his legacy. 


Gerardo Avarado on your first tour of duty as a judge.  He had approached Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman at the Laughlin, Nevada Spring Nationals in February 2014, and asked if he could judge at Alma and Chandler's upcoming test.  Mr. Alvarado had spent many hours with the two young ladies preparing them for the test.  After listening, Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman conferred with Master George Fullerton, and the responded with a resounding "absolutely."


This may have been one of the deepest emotional tests to date.  Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman as both Alma and Chandler were asked to open up with their own question to Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman and Master George Fullerton.  Both senior instructors opened up with very emotional and heartfelt responses.  I one question both were asked about their respective idols.  For Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman, Muhammad Ali was an easy answer.  He went on to explain how the boxer had inspired him to stand up against being bullied in elementary school.  Master Fullerton share how his mom had inspired him to accomplish anything he could put his mind to.  She was the wind in his sails.  Both instructors shared the importance of getting as much education as possible.


All agreed, this was an great day for Chang Moo Kwan spirit.   


March 15th, 2014
Chang Moo Kwan Fighting Team
Team Sweeps the Spring Nationals
Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman & George Fullerton Attend
Laughlin, Nevada
The Chang Moo Kwan Paradox

"To Maintain Total Focus While Completely Aware"

Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee & Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman, April, 2000

I would like to dedicate this photo storyboard consisting of pictures from the March 15, 2014 Spring Nationals to the Hahn family, Darlene, James, and Kirsten with deepest love and compassion for the one and only Master Gene Hahn.  I spent the day shooting photos of what I felt exemplified Master Hahn’s spirit as I felt it, and as I saw it.  So many wonderful families, so much connectiveness with the moment and with each other…this was Master Hahn’s work of art, his legacy, his “bridge.”  I realized Master Hahn was the common denominator in all which flowed around us this day.

Everywhere I turned I say the bright blue “Chang Moo Kwan” logo, continually I heard the resonate sound of young men and women clearly proclaiming “My name is…and my instructor is MASTER GENE HAHN.”  It was not rehearsed and it was not mechanical, it was that deep confident sound which originates from something which burning inside, and needs to come out, and once it does the words linger on indefinitely as if etched in the invisible stone of our being.

I did not know which photos to post so posted them all, feeling perhaps the viewer can pick the ones most meaningful to them…they were all meaningful to me.  Thanks to all our Chang Moo Kwan families who have been so supportive to the Hahn Family, Chang Moo Kwan, and made me feel welcome.

A special thanks to Coach Darrell Collins for his tireless effort at directing and redirecting our youth programs and instilling sportsmanship and honor in our young men and women.


Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman, 9th Dan MA Ed

The Last Student of the Founder of Chang Moo Kwan

Custodian of the Spirit of Chang Moo Kwan

January 21, 2014 
IMAC International  Coach Darrell Collins
Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman & Master George Fullerton Attend
Las Vegas, Nevada

January 21, 2014
Team Chang Moo Kwan

 IMAC Internationals
IMAC Awards Ceremony

Las Vegas, Nevada

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September, 8th 2013

Team Chang Moo Kwan Awards Banquet

Master George Fullerton's House

 Diamond Bar, California

July 17, 2013
Traditional Chang Moo Kwan Class

Guest Instructor Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman

World Martial Arts Training Center

Ontario, California
June 29th, 2013
Chang Moo Kwan
88th Birthday Celebration/Seminar
Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee
Korean Friendship Bell
San Pedro, California

March 3, 2013

Chang Moo Kwan

Promotion Test: Master Gene Hahn

Highland/Rialto Studios