Chang Moo Kwan: The Source

Grandmaster Dae Woong Chung 

Grandmaster Dae Woong Chung is the cornerstone of Chang Moo Kwan on the West Coast.  Without his contributions and tireless effort the Chang Moo Kwan practitioners below this tab would not exist.   Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman says:  "He is the best martial arts teacher I have ever met anywhere in the world.  I owe so much to having Grandmaster Dae Woong Chung being my mentor for 25 years.  He is my second father and has had an irreplaceable impact on my life.  Grandmaster Chung has influenced and bettered the lives of thousands of people.  Since 1964 he has given himself to Chang Moo Kwan and the promotion of the art.  His form of Chang Moo Kwan is one of the most traditional left today."