World Martial Arts Training Center

Christmas Party 2012

This December, 2012, Master Wilson Wong, Grandmaster George Fullerton, and Master Rome Saura hosted a Christmas party at the "World Martial Arts Training Center" in Ontario, California.  
A Christmas Party To Remember

Despite the threat of rain, sixty plus students turned out for a fantastic pot luck dinner.  Young people were welcome and dozens had a blast rumbling and wrestling on the dojang mats.  A special guest was Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman who drove up through massive Friday night Chistmas traffic to arrive darn close to on time.  At one point it is rumored Grandmaster Wiedenman weakened and called Grandmaster George Fullerton telling he did not think he could make it.  Nobody really knows what strategy Grandmaster Fullerton used to motivate Grandmaster Wiedenman to complete his trek--but he did.  A life time of friendship between two Grandmasters does not come without its secrets...and perks. 
A Stellar Studio
Master Wilson Wong has been a life long devotee to the Martial Arts.  His career with Chang Moo Kwan has spanned decades.  He runs a very elaborate and class act dojang (studio) in Ontario, California along with Grandmaster George Fullerton and assistant instructor Master Rome Saura.  All are former students of Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee.  Sonny Cruz, Tye Romero, Darrel Collins, and Chang Moo Kwan Historian Darrell Cook were amongst the attendees.   

A Frozen Moment In Time

As the party progressed the head instructors took a few minutes to snap some group shots. (Top Left to Bottom Right)  Assistant instructor Sonny Cruz, Darrel Collins, Grandmasters Jon Wiedenman and George Fullerton, Master Rome Saura, Historian Darrell Cook, Instructor Jim Farley, Tye Romero, and studio Master Wilson Wong.


Hot Stuff from Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman 
Better known for his Chang Moo Kwan leadership, Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman is also nicknamed the "Salsa King."  No, not the dance salsa, but the hot stuff.  He is an official "pepper head."  He forewarned Grandmaster Fullerton, "I will be bringing my own salsas and my own table."  No less than thirteen salsas and hot sauces were featured from mild "Pineapple" to red hot "Mango Habanero."  They were a hit.  He has a funky pseudo-company Grandmaster Wiedenman runs with son Ian Wiedenman "Banzai Kamikaze Hot Stuff."  They give everything away!  Rumor has it to become a master you need to consume a tablespoon of his rendered Habanero extract.