Chang Moo Kwan: The Source

30 Years of Chang Moo Kwan Classes

This section features many of the classes we have developed and taught in the name of Chang Moo Kwan over the last 35 years.  There is no sequence, and we are happy to post any appropriate photos.

In 1979 Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman and Master George Fullerton met a Pomona High School in Pomona, California.  Once they found they both held black belts, Grandmaster Wiedenman in Chang Moo Kwan, Master Fullerton in Goju Ryu and Judo they became best friends.  They both agreed that Chang Moo Kwan would be a perfect vehicle in which to help redirect at risk youths to a more positive way of life.  On the first day of practice, there we over 100 students in the gym.  This photo shows the Pomona High School Chang Moo Kwan team int it 4th year. (Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman is on the far right, Master Fullerton in the far Left)

1985 Mr. Jim Farley (Center) rose to the top as a leader and became the captain on the Pomona High School Chang Moo Kwan Club.  Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman on the right and Master George Fullerton on the left, relied heavily on Mr. Farley to lead the classes.  Jim was a born leader and one of the best leaders to pass through the system.  Jim is now a Los Angeles Sheriff and a graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a degree in history.  To this day, 30 some years later, they are still very close. 

1976 Rowland Heights, California, A young Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman teaches a childrens Chang Moo Kwan class.  Attending Cal Poly Pomona, California, Grandmaster was working on a Bachelors degree in Humanities. He taught in two separate studios (Dojangs) in the evenings.

1985 Garey High School, Pomona, California:  In 1984 Grandmaster Wiedenman was transferred to a different High School in Pomona, California...under one condition: he start a High School Chang Moo Kwan Club at Gary High.  He agreed, the downside, he was separated from co-founder Master George Fullerton.  Grandmaster Wiedenman said "You can curse the darkness or you can light a candle."  Soon, Grandmaster Wiedenman has a club of equal size to the Pomona Club.  Soon there were tournaments between the two schools, and both clubs flourished.  Picture here is the Garey High School Chang Moo Kwan Do Demo Team  (Grandmaster Wiedenman is in the center, next to him on his right is Tonnette Lacson from the Philippines,  Grandmaster Had met him while training and touring the Philippines)

1985 Garey High School Pomona, California:  The Garey High School Chang Moo Kwan Demo Team put on several significant demonstrations.  Here, Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman, slams a jump 360 through several boards. "I can't believe I got my students to hold the boards,"  Grandmaster recalls.  In three years the Garey High club received Club of the year in 1984, and Grandmaster Wiedenman received Advisor of the year in 1984 and1985.  The club was recognized on the Los Angeles local Channel 11 for redirecting youth,  In addition, the dedicated Garey High Chang Moo Kwan Club was recognized for gathering canned good in the community for both the tragic Mexico earthquake and the Columbian Volcano disaster.   In addition they did a Christmas clothes drive for the salvation army. 

1979 Pomona, California, Pomona High School Chang Moo Kwan Club:  This one of the oldest photos of the core group of students.  In the center is Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman.  In 2010 these 14 to 16 year olds are now in their forties.  A young teacher, Grandmaster Wiedenman is only 23!  Back row 2nd from the left is Joseph Hernandez, who still trains with Master George Fullerton.  He has a daughter about the same are as he is in this photo.