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Cho Kyo Joe Hernandez

Cho Kyo Joe Hernandez  

Chang Moo Kwan Breaking

Las Vegas, Nevada


Cho Kyo Joe Hernandez & Master George Fullerton
Chang Moo Kwan Breaking 
Las Vegas Internationals

2006 Joe Hernandez as a Provisional Black Belt (Second to the right) does Chul Gi Ni Dan for the last time before  he is awarded his First Degree Black Belt.  The site is the Korean Bell in San Pedro, California.  On far left is Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman and far right Master Rome Saura.  In the back middle is Ryan Cook

Always an emotional moment, the soon to be Cho Kyo Joe Hernandez stands upright and focused as his instructor Master George Fullerton prepares to wrap a First Black Belt around his waist.  Joe Hernandez was one of the founding members of the Pomona High School Chang Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do Club founded by Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman and Master George Fullerton in 1979.  He cam close to getting his black belt then; however, stopped shy of this great achievement.  It was an emotional moment, when his two instructors--almost 30 years ago--watched as he finally achieved his goal.

1979 Joe Hernandez is second from the left (Wearing a classic mid rift shirt) as a part of the original Pomona High School Chang Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do Club founded that year by Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman, and English and Reading Teacher, and Master George Fullerton, a ESL, body conditioning, and athletic director.

2004 Cho Kyo Joe Hernandez joins his mentor Master George Fullerton in competing for top awards in breaking in Las Vegas.  Cho Kyo Hernandez has come a long way since his Pomona High School Chang Moo Kwan Club where he was a team captain...almost 30 years ago.

Joe Hernandez proudly sports his newly acquired black belt.  Witnesses from Left to right are: Master George Fullerton, Master Wilson Wong, Master Rome Saura, and Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman.

A very special moment takes place when an students direct instructor reads the revered black belt certificate and presents it to the student.  Grandmaster George Fullerton fights back joyful tears as he speaks of Cho Kyo Joe Hernandez and his very special journey.  Behind is the always present portrait of Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee.

Cho Kyo Joe Hernandez was joined by Cho Kyo Darrell Cook in being elevated to First Dan Black.  From left to right: Ryan Cook, Catherine Cook, Provisional Black Belt, Cho Kyo Darrell Cook, Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman, Cho Kyo Joe Hernandez, Master George Fullerton, Rome Saura, and Master Wilson Wong.

2010 Joe Hernandez on the right along with his instructors from Left to Right: Master Wilson Wong, Master George Fullerton, and Grandmaster Jon Wiedenman.  The photo was taken at the celebration of 10 years in Ontario for Master Wilson Wongs Chang Moo Kwan studio.

2010 Joe Hernandez attempts six concrete block ablaze outside of Master Wilson Wong's studio on the 10th anniversary in Ontario, California. 

2010 Joe Hernandez shatters six fiery blocks, his focus is intense.

2010 Joe Hernandez demonstrates ki all the way through his technique of breaking.